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39My name is Adrienne Borden Sundberg. As an acupuncture physician of 17 years, I have treated thousands of patients and am still amazed by the incredible power of the human body to heal itself when just given a little help! After many years of illness, acupuncture and herbs are what saved me, and I feel privileged to be able to now help others with this ancient medicine. Below are some of the therapies that I incorporate along with acupuncture so that you get the best possible results in the shortest period of time!

My goal is to help as many people as possible live healthy, happy lives! Please feel free to contact me with any questions.

Yours in good health, Adrienne


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Acupuncture is completely painless! It utilizes tiny, hair thin needles placed at specific points in the body that are known to stimulate the body's own healing mechanisms.   The needles signal specific organs to start functioning more efficiently, and encourage the flow of blood, oxygen, and nutrients throughout the body where there may be blockages.  Once the needles are placed, patients report feeling incredibly relaxed and most fall asleep.  


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Patient Testimonials…

I feel so fortunate to have met Adrienne when I did. I was in so much pain daily with lumbar spine problems. My neurologist told me I’d have to live with the pain and numbness down both legs. A friend introduced me to her with a glowing recommendation. Adrienne was calming, knowledgeable and very attentive to my needs. After the first treatment, I had almost complete relief. I couldn’t believe it! I continue to see her regularly for years now. She has kept me healthy, happy and pain free in all that time. ~LB
I have gone to Adrienne for about 10 years. She has helped me with anything from getting my body ready for surgery, healing more quickly after surgery, neck problems, migraines, sleep issues and even some arthritis in my knees and hips. My nephew, who was growing rapidly had the bone growing disorder, was in agony. He said he was 90% cured in one session, 100% in two. My sister went to her for healing after rotator cuff surgery. What can I say, I refer everyone to her and she helps them immensely. ~CT
I have been a patient of Adrienne’s for many years and she is amazing! I credit her with the remission of my ulcerative colitis; I have been off of my meds for colitis for over 10 years and feel great. She has also helped me with chronic headaches, sinus and upper respiratory ailments, and problems with heavy menstrual periods. Adrienne is kind, caring and extremely knowledgeable. She loves helping her patients and it really shows! I have recommended her to many of my friends and family as well. ~TH
Receiving an acupuncture session from Adrienne is like awakening after a heavenly, restful sleep. I could feel the layers of lower energy melt away, leaving my totally refreshed and renewed, inside and out. Her professional, soothing, and gentle manner provides a safe and nurturing environment where one can totally relax and allow the needles to work their magic. I highly recommend that you experience for yourself an acupuncture session with Adrienne. ~HB
I am very happy with the services I’ve received over the years. I’ve been a patient of Dr. Adrienne Borden for 8+ years and she has helped me tremendously with my knee and chronic low back pain from sports injuries further exacerbated by lifting and caring for small children. I have not needed to pursue surgical intervention due to the acupuncture treatment received. I would highly recommend treating at Adrienne’s House of Healing. ~BCS

Detoxification and weight loss

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Every day we come in contact with thousands of toxins- over time these substances overburden our systems, leaving us tired, foggy, and overweight.  We have very effective detoxification programs to help cleanse the liver, kidneys, intestines, and lymph system, leaving you feeling energetic, refreshed, and light!  



Aromatherapy utilizes plant materials known as essential oils and other aromatic compounds for the purpose of creating positive benefits for physical and emotional health.



Cupping therapy is an ancient form of alternative medicine in which suction in created on the skin in an area of pain on the body.  This mobilizes blood flow to promote healing.  It is most often used for back pain and neck pain.

Flower Essences

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Flower essences are infusions of flowers in water, which are potentized and then stabilized in an infusion of brandy and water.They are used to promote healing of emotional and spiritual imbalances.

Infrared Heat Therapy

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Infrared heat lamps are wonderful for relieving pain, increasing circulation, and treating conditions such as arthritis, back and neck pain, joint pain, and muscle injuries.

Microcurrent Stimulation


Microcurrent stimulation works by releasing and relaxing muscles, breaking up scar tissue, increasing reinnervation of neural pathways, and decreasing pain and tissue sensitivity.

Ear Acupuncture and Addiction Therapy

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Auricular therapy is incredibly effective for all types of illness and pain as well as any addiction, including smoking.  Specific acupuncture points in the ear connect through the nerve roots to the brain, and are able to decrease the cravings, anxiety, and withdrawal that come with ending an addiction.